The settings

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You’ve got a great device, but you just don’t feel like using it properly? I know how scary all those buttons and numbers can be, but I promise, it’s not that complicated. Over the course of half a day, I’ll teach you everything there is to know about settings, so you’ll never miss another shot. Whether face-to-face during a video session, or in person for a small-group workshop in the Landes or Pays Basque (6 people max). In both cases, the same program! You’ll also be able to ask me all your questions – I’ll be an open book.

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+ Focusing

+ Shooting modes

+ Shutter speed

+ Aperture


+ Exposure compensation

+ White balance

+ Are there any prerequisites?

None at all! This is a beginner’s course, so you may never have touched a camera in your life, or you may know a thing or two about it. If you already have a good grounding but would like to build on it, you’re welcome too! And if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to drop me a line, we can call each other and I’ll let you know if I think it’s right for you.

+ How long does the course last?

Half a day, i.e. about 4 hours. This can vary slightly depending on whether it’s a group or individual course, the level of each participant, etc. I recommend that you block out 5 hours, so that if we go over a bit, you won’t miss anything!

+ I don’t have a camera, can I still come?

I strongly advise you to bring your own camera for the course. You’ll see the particularities of each one, and you’ll go home knowing it like the back of your hand. However, you learn concepts that apply to any camera, digital or film, so you can borrow one for the duration of the course, or ask me to lend you one if it’s a face-to-face session.

+ Can I take the course with my phone camera?

I don’t recommend it! You’ll learn how to use the manual mode and all the camera functions, which are often not available on phones.

+ I can’t make it at the last minute, can I reschedule?

For individual video courses, you can reschedule if you are unable to attend at the last minute. However, for face-to-face group courses, you need to notify me at least one week before the session to be eligible for a refund. But of course, if the place is filled by another person, I can refund.

+ Is there any follow-up after the course?

I’ll send you a small pdf with exercises to practice, and I’m always available if you have any questions!




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