Little Guide

the perfect guest

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s not by chance… You must be one of the lucky ones invited to the wedding of that gorgeous couple we know and love! And me? I’m the lucky photographer chosen to immortalise their day. OH YEAH! That’s why I’ve created this little page bursting with tips to make the shoot just a touch more magical.

Rule #1: Have fun

If you take away just one thing from this guide, let it be this: have as much fun as possible! I’m just selfishly thinking of myself, of course. The more fun you have, the more fab photos I’ll be able to take.

Get the party started, dance, laugh, enjoy hanging out with your friends and family, and don’t give me a second thought (well, you can bring me a glass of champagne if you feel so inclined). Jokes aside, I want to capture the mood of the day as faithfully as possible, and there’s nothing like an enthusiastic group of guests to help me do just that!

Put away your cameras*…

You’ll be able to access all the photos after the wedding (and I can tell you right now that it’ll be a photo bonanza: I get pretty trigger-happy). I’ll add them to the online gallery and you can download them for free. So, enjoy the moment with your very own eyes : don’t use your phone as a filter. There’s nothing sadder than seeing faces hidden behind some sort of device during the most emotional moments.

* Unless they’re as stylish as the one in this photo!

Ask me to take the photos you want to see!

Whether that’s with the newlyweds, your partner, your family, or a little something for your Tinder profile, don’t be shy! I promise you won’t be bothering me; you’ll actually make me very happy. Although I try my best to get photos of everyone, I always love knowing that I’ve taken THE photo your heart desires.

The group photos!

Some info about those dreaded group photo calls…

#1 – There won’t be any! Nope, no never-ending calls over the microphone. I’ll have a short list with me and I’ll come and find you during the drinks reception to ask you to come over for a few photos (and as I said above, don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like one of any group in particular!).

#2 – I love a low, dusky light for my photographs (and a little alcohol running through our – sorry, your! – veins doesn’t do any harm), so don’t worry if I don’t come and get you at the start of the reception: you’re more likely to see me near the end.

#3 – So here’s the last important point: stay put! Especially if you’re a close family member (parents, brothers and sisters), bridesmaid or best man. Don’t nip back to your room, or head off to test the set-up in the hall… Ask someone else to go for you, so you can stay close by, ready for the famous group photo!

And before I forget: YOU make the photo. All I do is press the button (ok, I play around with the settings, too). What I mean is that if you want some fun photos, you need to have fun! You hold all the cards…

And this is me, Emilie!

So you can recognise me on the day. Another way to spot me is that I’ll be the only one taking photos – if everyone plays ball! Joking, joking… if you want to snap some pictures, go ahead. I know it’s fun to have a few on your phone. But don’t overdo it: concentrate on making memories with the happy couple!

Here are my contact details. Get in touch if you have any questions, or you’d like to let me in on a surprise for the newlyweds, or ask my advice (I have attended a whole lot of weddings, after all…). I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading. We’ll see each other soon!